I guess the world didn’t stop…

…for my broken heart. -Reba McEntire

Yesterday, our family packed ourselves in to my Mazda 5 and headed down to Fresno. Round trip, that is a 4 hour and 20 minute drive without stops. Why? You might be asking. Why would I put my 10 year old and my nearly 2 year old in a car for such a trip? Well…I joined InstaGram a bit ago, and while some people are on it for the “likes”, I have found a whole world of DOGS. Dogs, y’all. Dogs are my life outside of kids.

I follow a ton of dog accounts, from personal accounts owners have made for their dogs and rescue accounts. Every day I spend more time than I should ever admit looking at pictures and videos of dogs.

Last week, while scrolling through the ‘Gram (my niece and I jokingly call it that), I saw a picture of a beautiful dog named Pretty Girl. She is currently being sheltered in Fresno, CA at Fresno Bully Rescue. Let me first tell you that the people at FBR are AMAZING. The volunteers are incredible. I should also tell you that this shelter is doing so much good in the world of bully breeds in Central California. Having said all of that, when I arrived and saw just how many dogs they actually have, I stood there in tears.

Right now, typing this, I am welling up again. These dogs are there through no fault of their own because they cannot take care of themselves. Just like children, there are no bad dogs. Yes, I meant to type that. There are no bad children, only children with bad behaviours (and bad caregivers/parents/examples). There are no bad dogs. There are dogs who have been put in horrible situations. This is not up for debate, I genuinely believe both of those statements as fact. There are no bad children, there are no bad dogs.

At Fresno Bully Rescue there are some amazing, beautiful dogs just waiting for their fur-ever home. Pretty Girl has found herself at FBR for the SECOND time. Her spirit is so broken y’all. I want to just wrap her up in blankets and carry her to safety. She was originally found wandering the streets, and adopted out to a family with a young child. She was trained to be an emotional support dog for this young child. Then, the child’s parents divorced and somehow, neither of them could find a place to live to house Pretty Girl with them. So…back to FBR she went.

Yesterday, when we took her out in to the yard, she was very shy. Skittish, ears back, tail between her legs almost the entire time. My son could get her to run around a little if Stephanie (the rockin’ awesome volunteer who helped us interact with her) ran around too. ¬†Pretty Girl was sweet as can be. We had to leave her there because adoption takes time.

As we drove home, I began to examine every single second of our time with Pretty Girl. When I saw her picture I was *sure* she was meant to join our family. After interacting with her, I have doubts, and that scares me. When I met Einstein I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was meant to be mine. None of us had that experience with Pretty Girl, all though all of us like her quite a bit.

Today, I woke up on the verge of tears again. I still don’t have clarity about the “right” answer. Einstein cuddled with me all night last night because we were gone all day. All I can think about as I run my hands through his fur is “It is cold, and Pretty Girl is not able to cuddle”…and then I cry. The volunteers do SO MUCH GOOD, and yet they cannot take home all the dogs. They cannot go in to every kennel and cuddle all the time. These dogs need love, patience, kindness.

I am going to email Fresno Bully Rescue and keep talking to Terese. I’m going to let her know what my concerns are. We’ll make a plan to either interface Pretty Girl with Einstein, or move forward in a different way. I have to give it up and just pray that the right answer comes.

For every one out there, let me just reiterate: Adopt, don’t shop. Seriously. There are dogs of ALL BREEDS out there in rescues. Check your shelters. Call breed specific rescues and give a dog a chance at life. Your home may just need some nose art on the windows and some fur on the floor.